Datron Offers 3D Scanners for Dental Milling


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Machine tool builder Datron Dynamics (Milford, New Hampshire) has agreed to market Swiss company Imetric’s 3D scanning systems for dental milling applications in North America.
Imetric’s structured white-light scanning systems are designed to provide flexible, contactless digitalization for industrial reconstruction, inspection, deformation or movement analysis. According to the manufacturer, they enable fast and easy positioning of objects ranging from a single tooth to a full arch, and they provide automated, single-button scanning for both dental casts and implants. 
The partnership follows Datron’s unveiling last year of the D5 dental mill, which won the Red Dot Award for Best Industrial Design. “We’ve combined a fully functional technical center with a turnkey solution for milling metal and zirconia,” says Neal Simmons, dental specialist for Datron. “The Imetric scanner provides the necessary base information for a precise outcome.”