1/25/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Dormer Pramet Launches Webinar Series

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The first three sessions, geared toward sales, tech support and customer support audiences, are now available for registration, covering tapping, inserts and solid carbide tool applications. 


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Dormer Pramet will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

Plan to meet up with their team or get registered here!

Dormer Pramet has launched a new online webinar series to expand participants’ knowledge of cutting tools, streaming the fourth Friday of every month. The first three sessions are open for enrollment, free of cost.

Here are descriptions from the company of the first three sessions of 2018:

  • January 26, “Perfect Your Tap Routine: Tapping Basics, Featuring the Dormer Shark Taps”: Learn how to make threads, how to set up parameters and what to expect during the process. Additionally, find troubleshooting advice and tool selection recommendations.
  • February 23, “What Your Insert Can Tell You: Tool Wear, Featuring Pramet Grade Selection”: A key element required to become an expert in the area of indexable tools is knowing how to read insert wear and adjust your process to achieve the best possible results. Learn about wear types, how to avoid them and what tools to use to get better performance.
  • March 23, “Make Your Solid Carbide Troubles Disappear: Troubleshooting Solid Carbide Drills, Featuring Dormer ForceX”: Learn how to drill like an expert with solid carbide drills. Identify and overcome obstacles during your processes and learn how to avoid possible troubles. The webinar ends with tool selection recommendations.

Led by Dormer Pramet’s round tool and indexable product experts, each session is intended to give participants the extra real-world knowledge needed to have a deeper understanding of cutting tool performance. Designed to be usefulfor participants of all experience levels, the brief sessions are geared toward professionals in the fields of sales, technical support or customer service interested in beginner to intermediate cutting tool knowledge.

Those interested can register at dormerpramet.com.


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