Double-Disc Grinders Make U.S. Debut


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The Daisho Seiki Corporation (Osaka, Japan) has partnered with J.L Lucas Machinery (Waterbury, Connecticut) to assemble and support its GRV line of vertical double-disc grinders in the United States. These 300- to 760-mm machines offer feed options including rotary, rotary index, brake disc and special G1 and G2 park and grind fixtures to provide tight tolerances and high production rates. J.L. Lucas will also handle replacement parts and field service for the GRV series from the Waterbury location as Lucas Disc Grinder LLC. 
Daisho Seiki recently celebrated 60 years of manufacturing double-disc grinders. J.L. Lucas Machinery has been rebuilding machinery since 1903, and it has been remanufacturing horizontal and vertical double-disc grinders for the automotive, medical, bearing component and other industries since the mid 1970s.