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12/20/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Educational Podcast to Cover ERP, Business Process Transformation

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The podcast, from Ultra Consultants, is designed to assist manufacturers and distributers with enterprise resource planning.


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Ultra Consultants Inc. has announced its educational podcast series, ERP Insights. Hosted by founder and CEO Jeff Carr, the podcast is tailored to serve those organizations seeking to understand how best to drive business process transformation.

The podcast series provides manufacturing and distribution teams with a firsthand look at what it takes to drive effective and objective evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. The webinars focus on solutions for distribution, process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing industry verticals.

“We regularly hear a set of common questions and concerns about the challenges involved in making an informed decision during the enterprise software selection process,” Mr. Carr says. “The podcast series is a new resource for teams to gain a thorough and objective understanding of what it takes to enter into an ERP project with confidence, knowing that they have made the best decision for their company’s unique needs.”

The first podcast in the series said to answer one of the most commonly asked questions in a technology selection project: What resources are needed for this project? Mr. Carr reviews organizational chart options and describes best practices for a typical project to involve a steering committee, program management office, core team of business process owners and functional SMEs.

Future podcasts will focus on business process transformation activities and achieving ROI.

Listen to the series at www.ultraconsultants.com/erpinsights.


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