eNETDNC Releases Complimentary Machine Monitoring Reports

eNETDNC has launched a new pack of machine monitoring reports for its eViewer system. Current customers can download the pack from eNETDNC’s website, free of charge.


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A partial screenshot of the new eNET daily all-machine availability report

eNETDNC & Machine Monitoring has released a new pack of machine monitoring reports for the company’s Crystal Reports-based eViewer. The new reports include daily, weekly and monthly reports for machine availability, with a per-shift breakdown combining all the monitored machines. This release also includes a daily machine utilization bar graph trend report and a part count report by machine with a per-shift breakdown.

Current customers of eNET’s machine monitoring can download and run the pack free of charge from eNET’s downloads page. Launching the pack will automatically update customers’ eViewers with the new reports.