Esab, Arc Junkies Produce "Filler Metal Friday" Podcast

Esab Welding & Cutting Products and Arc Junkies Podcast have teamed up to produce a series of podcast episodes featuring filler metal experts, called Filler Metal Friday.


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Esab Welding & Cutting Products and Arc Junkies Podcast have agreed to produce 12 podcast episodes featuring interviews with the Esab’s experts on filler metal. Named Filler Metal Friday, the 30-minute segments air on the first Friday of each month.

The show discusses application challenges related to filler metals, with each podcast focusing on a specific topic. The inaugural episode focuses on challenges related to feeding aluminum filler wire when metal inert gas (MIG) welding. At the end of every episode, the company’s experts answer questions posted on its social media sites.

“Choosing the right filler metals for your application, optimizing your equipment setup and using the correct welding techniques are essential for quality and productivity,” says Thomas Pfaller, CWI, technical services engineer at Esab brand AlcoTec Wire Co. “Filler Metal Friday podcasts will help everyone from weekend welders to high-volume fabricators make informed filler metal decisions. Many of the aluminum challenges welders face every day can be solved with simple adjustments such as using the correct grade of aluminum filler wire, tensioning drive rolls properly or tweaking wire run-in speed because aluminum needs a little more pre-heat time.” 

Mr. Pfaller appears on the first Filler Metal Friday podcast. Each episode will feature a different expert, including those who specialize in cored wires, stainless steel filler metals and stick electrodes.

Arc Junkies is hosted by Detroit-based Jimmy McKnight. A welder himself, Mr. McKnight interviews blue collar folks such as welders, blacksmiths, machinists, builders, drillers, makers and more.