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EZ-CAM Launches Custom Video Support Service for Programming Challenges

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Users get a custom video showing them how to program their part using the CAD file.


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EZ-CAM Solutions Inc. (North Brookfield, Massachusetts) has launched a new service for users of its CAM software for troubleshooting programming difficulties. Custom support videos by technician staff can now be provided to solve and demonstrate problems.

“Everyone gets pressed to complete a project now and then,” the company says. “And there is nothing worse than being at a standstill while attempting to figure out a programming routine.” Instead of poring over training videos, the company says users can now go to its website, fill out a form with a description of the challenge, upload the CAD file, and a technician will reply with a custom video including voice instructions teaching the user how to program the part. Users are given a link to the video so they can review it as many times as necessary.

The service is applicable to the company’s various EZ-CAM software including EZ-Mill, EZ-Mill Pro, EZ-Mill Express, EZ-Turn, EZ-Turn Express, EZ-EDM and FilterMax.


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