Fives Machining Systems Procures 10 Patents

CEO Dan Janka says the company’s recent patents are a result of a large percentage of sales being invested in research.


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Fives Machining Systems Inc. (Hebron, Kentucky) has recently procured 10 patents covering new production, quality improvement, and component life technologies and enhancements, primarily in the fields of metalcutting and composites processing.

Patents related to metalcutting systems include two vibration damping technologies for machine tool structures and a vibration damper designed for rotary encoders.

“We are fortunate to be part of a global multi-disciplinary company like Fives that produces intellectual property in many different fields, and invests a large percent of annual sales in research,” says Dan Janka, CEO. Commenting on the “cross-pollination” of new technologies, he adds, “Sometimes solutions created for one industry lead to new technology in an unexpected area.”

Part of the company’s recent R&D moves was to join the Jules Verne Research Institute in France.