Free CAD/CAM Training Connects Workers, Employers

In an effort to contribute to regenerating the U. S.


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In an effort to contribute to regenerating the U.S. manufacturing industry, software developer Sescoi (Southfield, Michigan) offers free training for its WorkNC CAD/CAM system. Designed for unemployed CNC machinists, programmers and managers, the U.S. WorkNC Labor Pool program begins with providing the basic skills necessary to operate the system and continues through advanced three-axis CNC programming. Sessions can be tailored to suit individual needs of those operators already familiar with the software.

The company says the program connects unemployed engineers who wish to get back into the workforce as quickly as possible with employers seeking to reduce costs, boost efficiency and raise workforce flexibility and skills. According to the company, the WorkNC Labor Pool provides a source of skilled engineers who are immediately available and can be instantly productive. To check availability, prospective employers can search the Labor Pool database at the Sescoi U.S. Web site (sescoi.com), which contains a professional profile for each engineer completing the training. The company says it will put both parties in contact with each other without obligation.

According to the company, benefits to employers include elimination of training costs by hiring staff already skilled in WorkNC, the ability to get up and running immediately on new WorkNC installations and the possibility of introducing shop floor programming, among others.