Fullerton Tool Co. Partners with Inovatools

Fullerton will now add Inovatools cutting tools to its product offering in North America.


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Fullerton Tool Co. (Saginaw, Michigan), a manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, has announced a new strategic partnership with Inovatools, a tool manufacturer headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. Creating a strategic partnership with Inovatools is expected to enable Fullerton to expand its current product offering by incorporating a range of high-performance VHM drills from Inovatools. The partnership will also expand Fullerton’s available diamond-coated end mills and modular milling systems with products from Inovatools.

“We have the perfect partner in Inovatools,” says Justin Verburg, Fullerton’s national sales manager. “We both have a shared focus on the importance of quality, tool expertise, service, on-time delivery and reliability. I am confident that together we will be able to expand market growth in North America as well as help customers boost productivity, optimize quality and increase profits.”

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