GWS Tool Group Acquires Intrepid Tool Industries

Intrepid provides carbide, high speed steel (HSS) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools to the aerospace sector.


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GWS Tool Group has acquired Intrepid Tool Industries. Located near Phoenix, Arizona, Intrepid is a provider of carbide, high speed steel (HSS) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools to the aerospace sector, with a special emphasis on threaded-shank and brazed-construction drills, reamers and countersinks.

“Intrepid could not have been a better fit for our organization,” says Rick McIntyre, CEO of GWS. “In addition to this investment establishing a substantial physical presence on the West Coast on which to further build, their industry-leading product and service portfolio is the perfect complement to our already dynamic offering.” 

“I am very excited for Intrepid Tool to be joining GWS Tool Group,” says Bret Tayne, founder and president of Intrepid. “The leadership of GWS Tool Group is the most dynamic and energetic team in the industry.  This combination with GWS Tool Group serves the interests of all constituencies of Intrepid Tool, from customers to vendors to employees.” 


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