Hamar Laser Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Hamar Laser Instruments has announced its Golden Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of the company.

Hamar Laser Instruments (Danbury, Connecticut) has announced its Golden Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of the company. Martin Hamar, a Cornell Engineering College graduate and multiple patent owner, founded Hamar Laser in 1967, motivated by a desire to create laser alignment systems of a higher caliber and accuracy.

Having previously helped design one of the world’s first laser alignment system in the 1960s while in the employ of Perkin-Elmer, Mr. Hamar applied his knowledge to design practical alignment systems for real-world applications. Mr. Hamar began operations in the garage of the family home, meticulously designing and assembling the company’s first alignment system. In 1968, he sold his first device, the Model L-400, a straight-line alignment laser, to a company that remains a customer today.

“We have always believed in solving our customers’ problems the right way,” said Rod Hamar, Mr. Hamar’s son and the current president of Hamar Laser. “Instead of offering general systems that are a weak fit for multiple applications like some competing companies, we have focused first on making the best system we can for a specific application, and only then adapting that system to other applications.”

Today, the company manufactures laser alignment systems that address various alignment challenges, from simple shaft alignment to complex multi-axis machine tool applications. Hamar Laser serves customers in numerous countries on six continents, including Boeing, Caterpillar, Doosan, GE, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, Siemens-Westinghouse, Sikorsky and most U.S. and foreign automakers.

“From the beginning, my philosophy has always been to provide my customers with a solution to their problems, not simply to sell them alignment equipment,” says Mr. Hamar, now chairman of the Board of Hamar Laser Instruments. “This philosophy continues to guide our company after 50 years.”

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