Hoffmann Group Sponsors Germanic Apprentice Program Competition

Smartforce Student Summit to take place at IMTS 2018 in Chicago, September 10-15.

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Hoffmann Group will provide workstations and tooling for student apprentices to compete in a four-day competition held during this year’s IMTS conference. Hoffmann Group will also be donating tooling prizes for the winning teams.

The agenda for the Germanic Apprenticeship Programs (GAP) Partner Apprentice competition will be as follows during normal exhibition hours:

  • September 10—Press and Media Announcement—Project and Student Reveal & Kick-off (time TBA)
  • September 11-14, 9am to 3pm—Competition & Showcase Exhibit
  • September 15—Press & Media Announcement & Award Ceremony (time TBA)

Student apprentices:

  • Should be currently enrolled in a high school or college apprenticeship program as a precision machinist, tool and die maker, CNC milling machine operator or similar machinist occupation.
  • Will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Will be selected to compete in one of three different levels of competition, including year 1 (beginner), year 2 (intermediate) and year 3 (advanced).
  • Who successfully complete the four-day project and prove their competencies in both written and practical exams will receive a NIMS certificate.

Twelve students will be selected to compete (four students at each level). High school, college and company sponsors are encouraged to register their best student apprentice candidates in each of these levels.

All travel, hotel accommodations, meals, exhibition passes, and all other related expenses will be the responsibility of the student, college and or company sponsors. To register, please contact Bryan Kamm at bryank@bkammconsulting.com or call at 813-415-7514.

The GAP Partner Apprentice Competition will take place in the 800 square-foot GAP Partner Exhibit in the Student Summit located at booth 215437 in the Smartforce Student Summit Pavilion.

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