Horn USA To Move into Expanded Headquarters Facility

The new facility’s production area is expected to triple capacity over Horn’s current Tennessee facility.


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new Horn USA headquarters

Horn USA Inc. is moving to a new facility during the third quarter of 2020. The new headquarters for North American operations is approximately 110,000 square feet and located 0.5 miles from the company’s current Franklin, Tennessee, location.

“Not only are we able to stay in the same general location, but it also allows us to keep all of our employees and maintain two-day delivery by UPS Ground to more than 70% of our customers,” says Duane Drape, national sales manager.

Once its new production area reaches full capacity, Horn USA says it will be able to roughly triple the number of precision cutting tools that it manufactures at its current facility. Future additions will allow for in-house coating as well as toolholder manufacturing. The new warehouse infrastructure will have the ability to immediately ramp up to 350 picked line items per hour. For comparison, the company’s current full capacity is 175. Even with 44,600 square feet of production space, the facility holds an additional 27,000 square feet for future growth in that area.

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