Hyundai Wia Dealer Celebrates Over 1,000 Machine Sales in Texas, Oklahoma

Hillary Machinery LLC has been an exclusive distributor in the region since 2003.

Hillary Machinery LLC, a distributor for Hyundai Wia based in Plano, Texas, is celebrating the installation of more than 1,000 Hyundai Wia machines in Texas and Oklahoma. Since opening its North American subsidiary in 1989, Hyundai Wia has installed over 10,000 machines in the Americas. Hillary Machinery has been responsible for the Texas and Oklahoma regions since becoming the OEM’s exclusive dealer there in 2003.

The latest customer in the region, according to Hillary Machinery, was Lockheed Martin, which recently added its first Hyundai Wia turning center after purchasing five F-series machining centers for various facilities in the Americas.