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9/28/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

InspectionXpert Launches Beta Program for Quality Management System

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The system is designed to centralize inspection data in the cloud for easier access.


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InspectionXpert Corp. is launching the beta of QualityXpert, a cloud-based quality management system designed for precision manufacturers who are seeking a platform to transform the way that they define, measure, analyze, improve and control their manufacturing processes. QualityXpert provides visual data collection at the source of production, automatic quality alerts, real-time reporting and easy access to data, the company says.

As of October 4, all InspectionXpert customers may sign up for the official Beta Program at qualityxpert.com. The beta program runs until November 3, 2016 and is free to all current InspectionXpert customers. For a preview of the QualityXpert Beta, visit MCADCafé to view an interview of founder Jeff Cope introducing QualityXpert at IMTS.

“QualityXpert is a game changer for precision manufacturers who are looking to improve their quality inspection processes from inspection setup, measuring, and controlling to reporting and analyzing, all in real time,” says Mr. Cope, founder and CTO. “The common use of spreadsheets and legacy SPC systems results in silos of dispersed and untraceable data, which causes manufacturing personnel to operate from different sources of truth. QualityXpert solves this problem by managing all inspection results in a secure cloud system with full traceability on all measurements and real-time, actionable insights to improve processes and reduce waste.”


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