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Jesse Garant Metrology Center Invests $15 Million in CT, X-Ray, 3D Scanning Technology

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The center serves the aerospace and automotive industries with non-destructive testing and part inspection services.


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The Jesse Garant Metrology Center, a part inspection company specializing in industrial part scanning for automotive and aerospace manufacturers in Michigan and Ontario, has expanded its operations to accommodate the growing demand for high-volume part inspection for pre-production and production validation. With investments in new equipment and improved infrastructure, including industrial computed tomography systems for inspecting large parts, the center’s enhanced capabilities serve to solidify its position within the non-destructive testing and metrology part inspection services industry.

As part of a five-year, $15 million roll-out investment in technology, Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s latest expansion includes a more diverse range of advanced imaging systems. The expansion includes a wider range of industrial CT systems for improved inspection capabilities of industrial parts, digital X-ray systems for high-volume part sorting and new 3D scanning equipment for improved data capture of external features.

Through this investment, the company says it will continue to be the largest industrial CT scanning service provider in North America. 


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