Kapp Niles Launches New Gear Metrology Division

The division is the product of the acquisition of R&P Metrology.

Kapp Niles has announced the expansion of its product portfolio by adding high-end metrology products. The newly-founded division Kapp Niles Metrology GmbH, based in Aschaffenburg, Germany, leverages the experience and technology of R&P Metrology GmbH, whose employees and management have joined the new company.

The new division designs and builds customized, large, four- and five-axis analyzers built to VDI/VDE class I. A derivative of the technology is a transportable three-axis device for analyzing gears in the shop on cutting machines or even in a gear box.

An expansion into the metrology sector complements the Kapp Niles product portfolio for gear and profile grinding. The new division will also provide sales and support in Europe and Asia for the smaller gear analyzers and products of Penta Gear Metrology of Dayton, Ohio, which joined Kapp Technologies in 2015.

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