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Lang Technovation Launches Manufacturing Blog

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The blog is scheduled to post quarterly with commentary, insights, smart manufacturing concepts and industry updates.

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Lang Technovation Co. (Hartland, Wisconsin), a workholding, clamping systems and automation provider, has launched a blog on its website, the Lang “Blog” Novation. It focuses on providing industry professionals with best practices in manufacturing.

The blog will consist of current insights and commentary on production techniques, smart manufacturing concepts, new ideas, the state of the industry and more.

All of the content is based on Lang’s deep experience in helping companies optimize their workholding, clamping and plant automation, and is dedicated to keeping readers informed. The company’s goal is to post new blog articles quarterly and add bonus content as often as possible.

“We want our new blog to be a go-to resource for manufacturing, engineering, production and operations professionals looking for access to informative ways to improve their processes,” says Kerstin Pynakker, General Manager.


  • Making Strides To Maximize Worker Efficiency

    This 40-year-old shop combines original best practices with new technologies and manufacturing approaches to make the most of its home-grown skilled labor.

  • The Unexpected Advantages of Robotic Automation

    This shop justified the robot solely through improved use of labor. Other benefits came to light after the automation arrived.

  • The Right Fit Is In The Fixtures

    Custom engineered workholding fixtures are key to the effectiveness of an unusual Automated Production System (APS) recently installed at Kurt Manufacturing. It helps that one of this company’s specialties is custom engineered workholding fixtures.