PUBLISHED: 8/21/2019

Robotiq Announces Compatibility of Vacuum Grippers with Omron Cobots

The AirPick and EPick grippers will be available as part of Omron’s Plug&Play ecosystem of compatible peripheral equipment and software. 

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2019

Deal Between Universal Robots, Haas Distributor to Increase Machine Shop Access to Cobots

“There is tremendous potential both for retrofitting existing installations with UR cobots and for getting through the door to new customers, offering turnkey solutions,” says Phillips Corp.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2019

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Building New Canada HQ

Hexagon will consolidate all its Manufacturing Intelligence businesses in eastern Canada into the central location in Toronto. 

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2019

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Expands Z-Carb HPR Series

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools has expanded the Z-Carb HPR series of high-performance end mills for titanium and stainless steel.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2019

Garant Xtric Centering Vise Can Be Centered with Micrometer-Level Accuracy

The Garant Xtric centering vise from Hoffman Group USA is equipped with a new chuck jaw quick-change system enabling easy, tool-free changeover.

PUBLISHED: 8/12/2019

Makino Prepares for September 2019 Technology Expo

Among the various machines to be displayed is the U6 wire EDM, with 16" wire capacity and Athena voice control.

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2019

Big Kaiser's Fullcut Mill Contact Grips Feature Threaded Coupling System

Big Kaiser’s Fullcut mill contact grip endmill permits easy indexing of cutter heads while maintaining rigidity and accuracy.

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2019

Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect Version 6.0 Reduces Machine Downtime

Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect Version 6.0 collects downtime and production efficiency data from every machine in manufacturing operations, displays it in real time and produces manufacturing reports, including overall equipment ef...

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2019

OnRobot Opens California Office for Research and Development

The office area has 6,000 square feet for engineers, researchers and local staff to work and develop new products.

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2019

Hexagon's RS6 3D Laser Scanner Can Measure at Higher Accuracy While Maintaining Speed

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s RS6 3D laser scanner is designed for use with the Absolute Arm seven-axis portable measuring arm system.

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