Soraluce FS 16000 Multitasking Machine Handles Large, Complex Workpieces

The modular Soraluce FS 16000 multitasking machine, distributed by Select Machining Technologies, is designed for large, complex workpieces.

U.S. Department of Labor Issues Alert to Help Keep Manufacturing Workers Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

Suggestions include social distancing, shift staggering and providing sanitary equipment.

Antiviral Copper AM Process Safeguards Touch Surfaces from Coronavirus

The process, dubbed Activat3D copper, was developed by Australian company Spee3D by modifying its metal 3D printer technology.

LK Metrology Offers Assistance Program for Medical Manufacturers

The LK Special Assistance Program includes promotions and special terms on products and services for medical manufacturers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meld Manufacturing Says Large 3D Printed Aluminum Part Represents Milestone

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts global supply chains, the company says the ability to additively manufacture large, previously forged parts may be of particular advantage.

Mastercam Joins NCATC as Strategic Partner

The NCATC supports a higher education and industry network that promotes advanced technology applications in workforce development programs and services.

Mitee-Bite's Concentric OD Clamping Device Provides High Repeatability

Compact and offering repeatability to within ten thousandths of an inch, the device is said to be suitable for high-density applications.

MachineMetrics Offers Machine Monitoring for Free During Coronavirus Pandemic

The plug-and-play monitoring platform is said to support social distancing and remote work through automated data collection, monitoring and analytics.

Inovatools' Curvemax Curve-Segment Mill Improves Finishing of Medical Implants

The Curvemax curve-segment mill from Inovatools features geometries that permit larger path distances and line jumps during pre-finishing and finishing.

Acu-Rite Offers Software Upgrade for Digital Readouts

Heidenhain’s Acu-Rite brand offers a free software upgrade for its 100, 200 and 300 models of digital readouts (DROs).