Esprit 2020 CAD/CAM Software Improves CAD Interface

Esprit 2020 from DP Technology features significant updates to its CAD interfaces, among other improvements.

Dapra Supports Shops Shifting to Medical Device Manufacturing

Facilities shifting to medical device manufacturing in the wake of COVID-19 are eligible for a discount on cutters and inserts.

NIST Announces Grants Supporting Coronavirus Response Projects

Funding will be awarded to Manufacturing USA institutes, a network of public-private partnerships that work on R&D and manufacturing skills training.

AIMS Metrology Shifts Production to Aid Health Providers

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, AIMS is shifting its machining and metrology capabilities to the manufacture of medical parts.

Industrial Press Publishes 31st Edition of "Machinery's Handbook"

The content has been expanded by nearly 100 pages in the 31st edition, offering close to 3,000 pages.

Siemens Offers Free AM Network Services to Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors, hospitals and organizations in need of medical devices as well as designers and service providers with medically certified printing capacities can now register for free access to the Siemens AM Network.

Tungaloy Supplies TungCut Grooving Tool with Coolant Supply

Tungaloy has expanded its TungCut series of grooving tools to include the CGP32-CHP parting blade. 

Big Kaiser's Unilock Stabilizer 50 Counters Cutting Forces for Tall Parts

Big Kaiser’s Unilock Stabilizer 50, a modular device for the Uniflex ball system, provides lateral support for tall parts during machining, welding or assembly processes.

Exsys Tool Celebrates 25th Anniversary

“My father started his business out of our house in California, with boxes of toolholders stacked up on the washing machine,” recalls President and CEO Stewart Bachmann.

Pemamek's Pema Nozzle-Welding System Automates Heavy-Duty Applications

The Pema nozzle-welding system from Pemamek Oy is designed for automatic welding of pressure vessels and other heavy-duty welding applications.