LK Metrology Celebrates a Profitable Year as an Independent Company

The last time the UK company was independently owned was prior to its takeover by former holding group Metris at the beginning of 2006.


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Executives of LK Metrology stand beside machines


From left to right: Angelo Muscarella, CEO; Luco Triolo, general manager; and Jacqueline Ng, VP of marketing. 


At the Control 2019 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, British coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology celebrated its first year of trading as a standalone company again, following its purchase at the end of March 2018 from Nikon Metrology by Angelo Muscarella, owner of Italian firm ASF Metrology. The last time LK was independently owned was prior to its takeover by former holding group Metris at the beginning of 2006.

During the show, Mr. Muscarella said, “We are delighted to complete our first year so successfully, during which we made a profit despite the expense necessarily incurred in transferring ownership of the company, which included opening a new office in Shanghai.” He continued, “We have already launched a packaged version of our Altera CMM with Renishaw Revo-2 probe, the Scantek 5; and at the Control exhibition we are showing a brand new product, the AlteraC 10.7.5, which is the first of three sizes planned.”

In 2018, LK celebrated its 55th anniversary as company. It is said to be the longest-operating CMM manufacturer. The company worked in partnership with Rolls-Royce to develop Renishaw’s first touch trigger probe for use on a CMM. 


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