MachiningCloud Provides ISO 13399, GTC Support

The support for the generic tool catalog is said to enable greater efficiency and decrease waste.

MachiningCloud announces its ISO 13399/GTC (generic tool catalog) support and services program for cutting tool manufacturers and their distributors. ISO 13399 is an international standard for the digital representation of cutting tool data. GTC is a complement to ISO 13399 for vendor-neutral classification of cutting tools and data file structures. By supporting these industry standards, the cutting tool, workholding and machine tool product data residing on MachiningCloud can be imported into any shop software supporting these standards, including CAD/CAM programming, simulation and tool management software.

MachiningCloud uses what it calls an ISO Plus strategy, going beyond the requirements of ISO 13399 and GTC to include product and usage data such as the depths of cut and cutting speeds and feeds needed for CAD/CAM programming and CNC operations. For this purpose, MachiningCloud follows the MTConnect standard. MTConnect is a manufacturing industry standard to facilitate the organized retrieval of process information from numerically-controlled machine tools.

“Today, manufacturers are still relying on paper catalogs, telephone calls, face-to-face meetings and a myriad of websites to determine their cutting tool product choices and to obtain the associated cutting tool product data needed to run their shop,” says Chuck Mathews, managing director. “As the industry adopts the ISO/GTC/MTConnect standards, we will save a tremendous amount of wasted time, produce improved results by working with up-to-date knowledge and data, and reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry.” 

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