Marposs Acquires High-Accuracy Laser Micrometer Manufacturer

Marposs has announced the acquisition of Aeroel, a manufacturer of high-accuracy laser micrometers and laser gauges for non-contact diameter measurement.

Marposs has announced the acquisition of Aeroel srl (Pradamano, Italy), a designer and manufacturer of high-accuracy laser micrometers and laser gages for non-contact diameter measurement and control. Main markets include the wire, appliance, aerospace, automotive and oleodynamics manufacturing industries in which the technologies are applied to assure dimensional consistency and product quality, helping to improve process efficiency while reducing scrap and labor. 

Marposs intends to integrate the Aeroel offering into its brand of measurement and inspection offerings, extending its market reach into new areas such as plastic extrusion of tubes, rods and cables, as well as copper-wire enamel coating.

For the machining sector, the company offers automatic laser solutions suitable for measuring diameters, lengths, roundness, taper and runout of cylindrical sections of turned or ground cylindrical components such as motor shafts, hard metal blanks, drill bits or cutting tools. 

Suitable for on- or off-line applications, the products are typically merged into an automated solution by machine manufacturers or system integrators. Solutions are available for on-line and benchtop diameter-measurement systems for machined products.