Mastercam and Edge Factor Develop Three Free Career Programs

Mastercam will sponsor three of Edge Factor’s free 2021 Experiences, which aim to highlight the benefits of a manufacturing career to students and job seekers.
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A partial screenshot of a marketing image announcing Mastercam and Edge Factor's 2021 partnership

Mastercam and Edge Factor are equipping organizations across North America with three “Experience toolkits” to inspire students and job seekers to pursue manufacturing careers. This strategic workforce development initiative will provide schools, companies and workforce leaders with access to high-impact multimedia, a keynote presentation, promotional tools and a practical guidebook on how to plan, promote, host and follow up on engaging Experiences. These online Experiences will empower students, parents and job seekers to explore skilled trades, apprenticeships, CTE programs, careers, STEAM and soft skills.

The Edge Factor e-learning platform has showcased countless Mastercam customers using technology to bring design ideas to life and impact people’s lives. It also allows students and job seekers to explore career pathways, learn soft skills, discover STEAM on the job, experience virtual workplaces and learn about local training and career opportunities.

Edge Factor will make six Experiences freely available during specific 2021 months. Mastercam is specifically partnering with Edge Factor on three of these Experiences: the January and February “Future Skills” Experience promoting technical education programs, the March and April “Women in Skilled Trades” Experience spotlighting women in the trades and the September and October “Rock MFG Day” Experience highlighting advanced manufacturing around Manufacturing Day.

“Mastercam and Edge Factor have been corporate partners for over ten years, and we’ve found this to be a very beneficial partnership as both companies share a common goal of bridging the gap between education and industry and raising overall awareness,” says Graham Hargreaves, corporate marketing manager at Mastercam. “Bridging the skills gap, showing opportunities for women in manufacturing and expanding overall awareness of manufacturing in our communities are of utmost importance, and our partnership with Edge Factor will help to deliver those messages to a critical audience.”

Pre-registration is now open at the following link: www.edgefactor.com/free-experiences.