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3/8/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

MFG.com Launches Updated Web Platform

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The online manufacturing sourcing platform has introduced several enhancements to help buyers and suppliers find each other more easily. 


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MFG.com has launched its new technology platform designed to make it easier for sourcing professionals to find the right suppliers and for manufacturers to reach new customers.

Enhancements to the platform include:

  • Advanced search functions can filter suppliers by geography, capabilities, certifications and other parameters
  • The ability to create and post RFQs
  • Peer ratings and reviews to help buyers choose the right supplier
  • Search-engine-optimized profile pages to help suppliers get discovered by buyers
  • Intelligent RFQ routing based on manufacturer’s attributes
  • Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) that lets suppliers measure customer loyalty

The company says that the revamped platform also offers a more fluid, easily navigable site design and in-application messaging to facilitate communication between users.

Manufacturers can use MFG.com to find qualified customers and expose their facilities to sourcing professionals who are searching for parts manufacturers. For buyers, the marketplace is designed to simplify the process of finding a manufacturing partner. By aggregating all the key details of manufacturing facilities, buyers are said to have the information they need to locate the best supplier, including manufacturer ratings and reviews provided by sourcing peers.

“The word here is discoverability—we’re all about helping buyers and manufacturer suppliers find each other to do business,” says Ronald L. Hollis, president and CEO. “While we've always been much more than a static manufacturer’s directory, we're very excited about our transformation to a truly interactive marketplace that operates on advanced enabling technologies. We view ourselves as Tinder for sourcing professionals and suppliers to easily discover each other. For manufacturers in particular, being part of MFG.com is just a smart marketing strategy.”

One user, Jeremy Nyenhuis, who owns and operates a Michigan-based machine shop, says that the platform has eliminated cold calling, enabling him to focus on work. “You have to work the platform—interact with others and stay on top of quotes—but the ROI has been significant. I got my number one customer on MFG.com. And, even when I don't win the contract, I like the visibility of seeing who did and what the ultimate bid was.”

Manufacturers of all sizes can join MFG.com via a subscription model. Membership is free for sourcing professionals and buyers, and the company qualifies all participants.