Mikko Nyman Appointed Fastems CEO


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Fastems Oy AB has appointed Mikko Nyman as its new CEO. The former CEO, Tomas Hedenborg, will continue as an advisor to the board of directors and support Mr. Nyman in his new role until the end of the 2019.

Mr. Nyman has worked at Fastems as a business unit vice president since the beginning of 2017 and as deputy CEO since the fall of 2018. Prior to those posts, he was the company’s CFO for three years. Before joining Fastems, Mr. Nyman worked in financial management within international industries and IT.

“Fastems has experienced strong growth since 2016 and expanded its operations from machine automation for the metal cutting industries to intelligent factory automation software design,” says Kai Öistämö, chairman of the board. “In recent years, Tomas and Mikko have worked closely to lead Fastems and—together with the staff—have set the company on a strong growth track.”

According to Mr. Nyman, the application of digitalization in the manufacturing industry is still in its early stages. The future of industrial manufacturing will be about small production batches and flexible automation that aims to increase efficiency. Fastems is already strong in these areas, he says. “The core of our competitive edge is in intelligent factory automation systems that enable better optimization and scheduling of manufacturing.”

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