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Mitsubishi Electric Automation Adds CNC Dealer Locator to Website

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The web tool enables users to search dealers by location or by name to find those which offer Mitsubishi Electric CNCs.


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Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Vernon Hills, Illinois) has added a new feature on its website to make it easier for end users and others in the machine tool industry to locate OEMs and dealers who offer CNC machine tools that use Mitsubishi Electric controls. Through the CNC Dealer Locator, customers can find dealers or OEMs by location or by name.

“The CNC Dealer Locator is a convenient way for our customers to search for CNC machine tools with Mitsubishi Electric controls,” says Justin Kueker, Business Development Manager. “In the past, they’d have to do the research on their own either through Internet searches or by making phone calls to OEMs and dealers. This new locator saves them time.”

Once identified on the CNC Dealer Locator, the dealer or OEM can help the customer find the right CNC machine for the user’s needs. The CNC Dealer Locator can be found at us.mitsubishi electric.com.


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