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11/8/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mitutoyo Becomes Sponsor of Titans of CNC

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The sponsorship means that Titan Gilroy will feature Mitutoyo’s metrology products in his online shows. 


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Titan Gilroy holding a Mitutoyo device

Mitutoyo America Corp. is pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement with Titans of CNC, a project-based education platform meant to help guide students and teachers on CNC machine operation and programming. The Titans CNC Academy provides over 3,000 free online courses in CAD, CAM and CNC machining techniques, and is now used by over 45,000 members in 170 different countries.

Mitutoyo metrology products will be featured in both the Titans of CNC Show airing on Titan TV and in Titan CNC Academy videos for demonstration purposes.

Here is an example of the latter:

“As a leader in the field of precision metrology, Mitutoyo America is excited to partner with Titans of CNC Academy. We look forward to supporting skill development in U.S. manufacturing by providing metrology experience and leading technology to the Titans of CNC team,” says Matt Dye, president of Mitutoyo America.

Titans of CNC will highlight Mitutoyo products through video tutorials in Mr. Gilroy’s personal manufacturing facility located in Rocklin, California. These videos, along with other content, will be featured on Titans of CNC social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Titans of CNC was started by Titan Gilroy as a CNC machine shop focused on making aerospace parts. The company then became the focus of a reality TV show.

“We are excited to officially partner with Mitutoyo,” says Mr. Gilroy. “Our mutual focus on educating the next generation of manufacturing professionals will not only inspire, but will also give practical knowledge of inspection practices to all.”


  • DFGT - Double Flank Gear Testing

    Functional gear testing, also known as total radial composite deviation, is a method of looking at the total effect of gear errors. This test method simulates the conditions under which a set of gears is likely to operate as a result of the gears meshing together.

  • Surface Texture From Ra to Rz

    The irregularity of a machined surface is the result of the machining process, including the choice of tool; feed and speed of the tool; machine geometry; and environmental conditions. This irregularity consists of high and low spots machined into a surface by the tool bit or a grinding wheel.

  • Working With Your Working Gage Blocks

    The uses of working gage blocks are as varied as the number of gage blocks in a large set. The working blocks have an intermediate grade and are often used in the inspection or calibration lab, but they may also be found on the shop floor.


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