Mitutoyo Donates Metrology Tools to Engineering Students

The company has a long-standing relationship with Northern Illinois University’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

Mitutoyo America Corp. has provided the popular Digimatic caliper and a micrometer to students pursuing degrees in the Engineering Technology Program at Northern Illinois University (NIU; DeKalb, Illinois). Combining theoretical education with industry-based, hands-on opportunities, the technology program is preparing the next generation of engineers and technologists, says Mitutoyo.

Addressing the students, Matt Dye, President of Mitutoyo America, said, “What a great opportunity you have here. You’re seeing a lot of the same equipment that’s being used on the shop floor today. Take it all in.” Mr. Dye shared that he was in a similar program in college, and understanding how things get made correctly has provided him with many opportunities during his career.

Dr. Donald R. Peterson, Dean of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at NIU, added that metrology is important, even for those working in R&D: “This class is essential in any type of engineering.”

Mitutoyo has a long-standing relationship with the university. In 2008, Mitutoyo established the Mitutoyo Metrology Laboratory on the NIU campus to provide hands-on, educational experience for technology and engineering undergraduate students.

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