ModuleWorks, Cenit Partner to Integrate Software Components

Cenit’s FastSuite Edition 2 will incorporate robotics and NC machining components from ModuleWorks for digital factory concepts.

ModuleWorks, a supplier of CAD/CAM software components for machining and simulation, and Cenit AG, a software and consulting firm, have agreed to a partnership to integrate ModuleWorks components into FastSuite Edition 2, Cenit’s digital factory solution.

FastSuite Edition 2 enables users to create, program, simulate and optimize the production environment. The integrated ModuleWorks components strengthen and advance the robotic and NC machining capabilities of the software, with multi-axis toolpath calculation and simulation software as well as a specialized component for laser-aided manufacturing applications. The integration work is ongoing, and components for offset roughing have already been integrated into the latest release of FastSuite Edition 2.