MT360 Conference Said to Bridge Gap between Manufacturing and Tech Firms

Scheduled for May 12-14, 2020, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, MT360 will feature more than 30 TED-type talks.


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AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology has created the MT360 Conference in an attempt to provide practical guidance on implementing advanced technologies in the Silicon Valley environment. Scheduled for May 12-14, 2020, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, MT360 will feature more than 30 TED-type talks.

Presentations will focus on four transformative technologies: additive manufacturing, augmented reality, cognitive automation and the digital thread. A simulated factory will provide demonstrations and a forum to interact with representatives from leading legacy and 16 startup companies.

Those who should attend include tech companies looking to apply their products, venture capital providers and manufacturing leaders responsible for driving company growth, including operational directors, CTOs, CIOs, and senior manufacturing, engineering and R&D personnel. The event is limited to 600 participants. Visit mt360conference.com for details and registration.

Presenting companies include Oracle Corporation, HP, Ready Robotics, EOS, Humatics, ThyssenKrupp, IBM Watson, GE Global Research and others. Keynote presentations will be delivered by John B. Rogers Jr., CEO and co-founder of LM Industries (Local Motors), and Mickey McManus, a research fellow in the office of the CTO at Autodesk and chairman of the board at Maya Design.

“The Silicon Valley and manufacturing technology communities evolved separately and don’t routinely interact. We created MT360 to bridge the gap so they can leverage each other’s strengths and market potential,” says Douglas K. Woods, president of AMT.

“Where other events focus on selling products or learning concepts, MT360 provides practical guidance on integrating technology innovations that manufacturers can immediately use to transform their business,” adds Tim Shinbara, vice president of technology with AMT.

MT360 is organized into two primary venues: concise presentations in the Tech Theatre and the simulated factory for demonstrations of the technologies presented in the Tech Theatre. Tech Garages (knowledge centers) will enable attendees to interact with subject matter experts and get hands-on assistance for their businesses.

The MT360 Conference is part of AMT’s lifecycle strategy around transformative technologies. Related AMT activities include the opening of an AMT Tech Lab in the San Francisco area later this year, The Manufacturing Tech Council (an ongoing virtual forum for manufacturing technology leaders) and the International Show for Manufacturing Technology (IMTS). IMTS 2018 was the second largest trade show in the United States last year.