NCDMM Announces Successful AMNOW Presentation from Tronix3D

Tronix3D and several other AMNOW Program partners recently demonstrated manufacturing data collection and security technology to the CCDC and NCDMM.


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An image of Tronix3D, U.S. Army and NCDMM representatives at Tronix3D's technology demonstration

The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has announced that Tronix3D, a participant in the AMNOW Program for integrating additive manufacturing into the military supply chain, successfully demonstrated technology improvements to officials from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC). Representatives from NCDMM and LECS Energy LLC, another AMNOW Program partner, were also in attendance.

U.S. Army officials viewed the implementation of LECS Energy’s Learning Integrated Manufacturing System (LIMS) and the impact of data collection during 3D printing. The LIMS technology enables a secure digital connection from the supply chain using a high level of cryptographic hardware. It is also a critical edge device within the Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence Platform (AMIP). The AMIP is a cloud connection enabling the rapid transfer of manufacturing process information between the U.S. Army and its suppliers to build confidence in additively manufactured critical parts.

During the demonstration, Tronix3D displayed real-time data collection capabilities from its operations software, IoT sensors and embedded programmable nanoparticles. In addition, industry partner Trumpf Additive enabled access to real-time machine data directly from its 3D metal printers.

“As the lead of the AMNOW program, we are pleased with Tronix3D’s progress, as well as the outcome of the demonstration, and are excited about continuing our relationship,” says NCDMM senior project engineer Ashley Totin. “This visit was significant for us to identify the future benefits of the data being collected by Tronix3D, including perpetual updates to cybersecurity protocols, process optimization and overall operational efficiency.”

“One of the goals Tronix3D has within the project is to improve data collection and transference during additive manufacturing to help maintain and control the 3D printing process,” says Tronix3D president Buck Helfferich. “This monitoring is an important component of the manufacturing process to ensure a repeatable production process of high-quality parts.”