Nikon Metrology, Wenzel America Form Distribution Partnership

The partnership will provide CMM-based laser scanning products to the North American market.


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Nikon Metrology Inc. and Wenzel America have implemented a distribution partnership. Wenzel is now an official Nikon Metrology partner for the sale and distribution of Nikon Metrology products in North America, providing coordinate measuring machine (CMM)-based laser scanning products

“One of our core philosophies at Wenzel is working with market-leading technology partners to offer broad solutions to our customers,” says Drew Shemenski, Wenzel president. “Combining the power and capability of Nikon sensors with the accuracy and reliability of Wenzel systems will give the market unparalleled solutions to the metrology challenges faced by modern manufacturing.”

Laser scanning is a key component in the implementation of Industry 4.0 practices, says Nikon. The technology helps to obtain rapid insights into deviations, a significant benefit of high-speed digital data capture. 


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