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6/19/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

NIMS, Immerse2Learn Release Manufacturing Education Package to Schools

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The package contains learning resources and software from CAD/CAM developers.

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The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and Immerse2Learn are introducing a new manufacturing, engineering and technology training solution that combines simulation‐based online learning, multimedia software and industry‐recognized credentials. With support from the Gene Haas Foundation, this STEM Learning Innovation Package will be discounted to schools in an effort to expand access to high‐quality training tools that prepare students for in‐demand high tech jobs.

The package is designed to provide high schools, colleges and training centers with a single learning platform containing learning resources from the likes of Autodesk, Mastercam and Verisurf. Schools that purchase the package will also receive a credit for their students to earn NIMS credentials in CNC machining. The full package includes:

  • LearnCNC for Haas Mill and Lathe
  • $1,500 NIMS Credential Credits
  • LearnCAD for Solidworks Instructor Edition
  • LearnCAM for Autodesk Fusion Course Plugin
  • LearnCAM for Mastercam Instructor Edition
  • LearnInspection for Verisurf

“To be successful in high‐tech manufacturing careers, students need exposure to the latest and most innovative technology and equipment,” says Montez King, interim executive director of NIMS. “This learning solution gives students the hands‐on, real-world experiences they need to excel, and the industry‐recognized credentials that prove their skills and abilities to manufacturing employers.”

“The platform gives students unlimited access to train and rehearse in a virtual environment that increases their confidence and proficiency prior to performing actual procedures and operating actual equipment,” says Chris Bien, president of Immerse2Learn. “If students are more competent when they enter the workforce, they are more likely to succeed and advance in their career.”


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