NTMA Offers Healthcare Coverage to Members and Their Employees

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The plans include medical, dental, life, vision and disability insurance.


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The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) is offering its members and their employees comprehensive healthcare coverage and ancillary programs. The plans are intended to provide the best healthcare coverage at reasonable rates, with renewals, only for NTMA members.

The plans include choices from five different medical plans with national networks, giving members options to increase the savings potential for both employers and employees. The medical plans also include access to Teladoc, a national network of physicians available 24/7 to resolve issues through phone or video consultations.

The NTMA also offers ancillary plans for dental, life, vision and disability insurance. Members have access to multi-year rate guarantees with no participation requirements, and the NTMA projects a cost reduction for members. The online benefit management system promises easy online enrollment with increased options for employee engagement and options for human resources management.

Those interested can contact mgilmore@ntma.org for more details.


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