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Oelheld Hosts Open House at New U.S. Headquarters

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The new facility in West Dundee, Illinois, expands production and storage capacity, and features green architecture.


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Oelheld recently held an open house for its new U.S. headquarters in West Dundee, Illinois. Guests included Philipp and Martin Storr, Co-Presidents; officials from the village of West Dundee; representatives from Opus, Oelheld’s general contractor, and from BMO Harris, Oelheld’s bank; and many of Oelheld’s most valuable customers, vendors and neighbors.

The “Oktoberfest-style” open house event introduced the company’s new 24,000-square-foot facility. The building increases production capacity and storage space, and also features a new R&D laboratory with a tanker unloading station. The facility was designed for future expansion to 42,000 square feet, with built-in green LED lighting with automatic on/off functionality, a sunken floor in the warehouse to contain spills, radiant heating in the office floors and other amenities.


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