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Oerlikon AM and MT Aerospace Partner to Accelerate Use of Additive Manufacturing

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The partnership is intended to expand the usage of AM in aerospace applications. 


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Oerlikon AM and MT Aerospace are partnering to accelerate the use of additive parts in the aerospace and military industries. The partnership aims to improve efficiency and safety at a lower cost, provide end-to-end solutions to their customers, and incorporate digitalization in both air and space applications to enable new advances in the industry.

“The companies contribute their respective expertise in component design and manufacturing, as well as component testing and qualification, to offer customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ from product specification to finished, qualified part,” says Hans J. Steininger, CEO of MT Aerospace AG, a subsidiary of Bremen, Germany-based space company OHB SE.

“Through this partnership, we look forward to continuing to lead innovation and digitization trends in the aerospace industry by accelerating and scaling up the process from concept to operational delivery,” says Dr. Michael Suess, chairman of Oerlikon’s board of directors. “To advance the application of additive manufacturing, collaboration with key players like MT Aerospace is essential. We are looking forward to bringing more additively manufactured parts to aerospace.”


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