Okuma Welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC

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The new membership of Velocity/Briney brings the Velocity Smart Tool to use with Okuma machines.

Okuma America Corp. (Charlotte, North Carolina) has announced that Velocity/Briney is the newest member to join Partners in THINC. Velocity/Briney supplies its Velocity Smart Tool CNC machine toolholding solution exclusively for Okuma machining centers.

Velocity Smart Tool is a collaboration of four U.S. suppliers: Velocity Products, Briney Tooling Systems, BlueSwarf and Fullerton Tool. Smart Tool is fully assembled, balanced, preset and ready to run. It is said to remove toolholding guesswork for optimal cutting. BlueSwarf Dashboard is included, enabling machining at maximum speeds, feeds and cutting depths for a specific operation or part on an Okuma machine tool.

Velocity Products (Huntsville, Alabama), a division of Morris Group Inc., serves as the marketing and sales face of Velocity/Briney.

“Velocity/Briney works closely with Okuma and its distributor network to deliver products that are designed, tuned and optimized for specific Okuma machining center models,” says Robert Bauer, vice president of Morris Group and head of its Velocity Products division.


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