2/11/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Orderfox Launches Career Network on Site

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The career center feature is expected to encourage members and potential applicants to post and apply to jobs in the CNC industry and manufacturing sectors.


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With the increasing mobility of the job market, and the lack of qualified employees, many companies are faced with challenges to meet their required deadlines, says Orderfox.com. For this reason, Orderfox.com has developed a Career Center feature for its online platform. This feature is designed to highlight jobs specific to CNC and manufacturing sectors and is expected to make it easier for companies to find the qualified personnel they need.

The Career Center is designed for efficiency. With numerous filter functions such as title, professional field, employment type and country, registered members of Orderfox can place, publish and manage open job posts, while potential applicants can find suitable jobs parallel to their experience. The expectation is that this feature will enable companies to find qualified employees not only for traditional machining-related fields, but also for other necessary departments—from administration to sales. Diverse features include a machinery exchange for new and used machines, the global trade show and event calendar and a knowledge and trends section, all of which support the core strategy of locating the right production partners for member companies while creating opportunity through the RFQ process to maintain optimal operational capacity.

Orderfox.com is described as providing an efficient all-round package for creating international networks, generating additional orders, increasing revenue and finding experienced employees. The “Internet of the CNC Industry” will continue expanding its features in the future, with a focus on generating added value for the Global Industry Community, the company says.