8/3/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

OrderFox.com Launches Machinery Exchange

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OrderFox.com developed a new feature that will provide value to platform users researching, advertising and selling and buying machines.


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OrderFox.com is the “Internet of the CNC Industry”, offering free access to opportunity, while providing a source where new production partners can be found and new industry contacts can be made. With the intelligent filter functions connecting buyers with suitable CNC manufacturers in the metal or woodworking industries—locally and globally, CNC orders can easily and efficiently be placed and fulfilled within the platform on a regular basis. In addition, registered members can find the latest industry news within the knowledge and trends section, and never miss an event again thanks to the global trade show and event calendar. With the “Free Machinery Exchange” being the latest enhancement to the OrderFox.com platform, not only is it an important new feature, but it provides an additional benefit to members from the buy, sell and related industry sectors, proving that there is an even greater reason to integrate OrderFox.com into daily workflow. 

Search, Find and Advertise New or Used Machines

With the help of the advanced search and intelligent filter functions, every registered member on OrderFox.com can quickly and easily find the right new or used machine from what is currently available. The new machinery exchange section provides filter functions such as main or subcategory—machine tools/metalworking machine or woodworking machine, turning or milling machine, etc.—machine type, manufacturer, control, price; as well as country, region, etc. In the used machinery exchange section of the platform, the filters provided are extended to such areas as operating hours of the machine and the year of manufacture, etc.

Registered Members Can Advertise Their CNC Machines Globally

OrderFox.com members can not only search for new and used machines, but also advertise their own machines within the newest free feature accessible on the platform. The intuitive user interface makes it easier than ever to advertise a machine, regardless of its age, brand or function. In addition to the main and subcategories, and the various filter function areas necessary for any buyer or seller within the machine procurement process, those who are providing machines for sale can also upload up to eight photos within the advertised posting, that way there is assurance that each machine is represented visually as well. With this new free to use feature available on OrderFox.com, there is no need to ever pay to advertise the sale of a used machine again.

OrderFox.com Global Machinery Exchange Provides Free Global Access

On OrderFox.com searching, finding and advertising new or used machines is easy and efficient and follows the same process users are already familiar with when searching for, buying or selling on other unrelated product portals, so there is no learning curve or delay. To make sure that members are receiving the benefits they deserve, OrderFox.com is building strategic partnerships with global machine manufacturers and used machine dealers and portals to ensure current offerings are available on an ongoing global basis. In the near future, OrderFox.com will also be offering access to local financing and transportation partners within the machinery exchange section, whereby members can contact those resources directly to speed up the procurement process.

With the integration of the new “Free Machinery Exchange”, OrderFox.com is taking another leap forward in the development and advancement of the platform built specifically for the CNC industry, proving once again that OrderFox.com is the “Internet of the CNC Industry”. Machine manufacturers, used machine dealers, distributors and individual members are all welcome to take advantage of this free feature on OrderFox.com and become part of the largest industry related network to help streamline and advance the manufacturing and production industries on a global scale.


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