Orderfox.com Launches New Website Features

The website now includes a global event calendar with information on trade shows and events, and a Knowledge and Trends section with trade press articles, research and industry information.


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Orderfox.com has launched a free global event calendar feature and expanded its User Experience area to include a Knowledge and Trends section.

The global event calendar provides information on local and international trade shows and events. The initial launch includes well-known trade shows and events that are key to various global markets. The calendar is not a complete list of all shows and events available, but the company will add any events suggested by the community that are a benefit to the industry. 

Members can integrate national and international events into their profile and make them viewable to the community to increase attendance and brand awareness. Users can provide specific information on well-known trade shows they plan to attend and local events like regional trade shows, in-house events, open houses, product launches, dealer days, road shows and anniversaries. Users can easily compile and upload events. Members can also export dates directly into their own Google, iCal or Outlook calendars. The company is looking to add travel management functionality to enable members to search for and book flights, find hotel accommodations, and book rental cars for any event location on the platform.

The website also includes a new Knowledge and Trends section, where users can find a collection of the latest trade press articles, research and industry information. This feature will continue to adapt and grow as partners provide information important to the industry. Community members are also welcome to provide relevant papers and research. This feature keeps users well-informed about topics like technology changes, market trends, new processes and growth areas.