Orderfox.com Launches Website Tailored to United States

The move is part of an effort to “localize” the platform to meet the specific linguistic, market and measuring system differences between the various countries in which its users are based.


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Orderfox.com, a global network for CNC machine shops and buyers based in Liechtenstein, has launched a localized United States-specific website using the Imperial measurement system. Users in the United States can find and place CNC machining jobs both domestically and globally.

The launch is part of an effort to “localize” its platform in order to tailor it to the countries in which its users are located, making sure that every country is represented with not only its local languages but also their local measuring systems and content.

Community members in the United States now have easier access to the user-friendly platform and United States content and videos in English. The site also has a mapping system for effective and customized searches within the United States. All click point selections and multiple-choice details on the platform are adapted for more efficient local use.

“Orderfox recognizes the importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy, and it is necessary that the industry not just maintain its current level, but adapt and grow to remain competitive within the global landscape,” says Brian J. Smith, President of Orderfox.com America.

Orderfox.com is a free search platform designed to help CNC manufacturers, buyers and related companies to connect with the right production partners to do business. “It is not to be confused with other online products or services, like those that take a percentage of new business or charge a usage fee,” says Mr. Smith. “Our focus is to provide a free search platform to help U.S. manufacturing companies grow, not cause them to lose money or cut jobs.”

For manufacturers, the platform is intended to enable shops to search for new jobs on short notice because of extra capacity; to outsource jobs because the shop is at capacity or a machine has broken down; to search for jobs locally or internationally and only ones that meet the shop’s criteria.

Register for free at Orderfox.com.