1/18/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

PRAB’s Expanded Test Lab Designed to Lower Risk for Customers

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The company uses the test lab to recommend metal processing and fluid separation solutions to customers.


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PRAB Inc. (Kalamazoo, Michigan) has expanded its on-site test laboratory to better reflect the higher speeds and greater variety of materials and coolant types used in metalworking. The lab’s expanded testing capabilities are intended to provide comprehensive analysis of metal processing and fluid separation prior to making a final equipment recommendation for customers.

“The value of our expanded test capabilities is risk mitigation for our customers. We have been processing scrap metal for 65 years and our experience has taught us that the only constant is that virtually every machining output is different,” says Mike Hook, PRAB North American Systems Sales. The test facility is designed to enable engineers to evaluate the type and volume of tramp metals and bar ends; the variability of the shape, size and bulk density of the machining scrap; and the fluid recovery rate and discharge storage options. “Knowing and testing the makeup of the scrap allows us to precisely recommend all processing and component equipment for a given application,” Mr. Hook adds.

PRAB’S test lab includes hoppers, automatic dumpers and in-feed conveyors to measure material movement; crushers and shredders to access volume reduction and required tramp metal removal; a wringer/centrifuge for separating fluids and drying chips; and the Dualpak briquetter for metals that provide a higher return for dry, pucked material.

The company says it performs material testing at no charge to customers seeking a scrap processing system. After testing, PRAB provides a written report accompanied by recommended system components based on the test results.