Prototype Hubs Launches White Label SaaS for Manufacturing

Prototype Hubs has launched a white-label software as a service (SaaS) digitizing the end-to-end on-demand manufacturing experience.


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Prototype Hubs, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based online advanced manufacturing platform, has launched its white-label manufacturing software as a service (SaaS). This new service offering allows manufacturers to digitize and streamline their end-to-end manufacturing process while offering a better experience for their existing and potential customers.

“We listened when our global network of 650+ manufacturing partners said they wanted to offer their services on an online platform and use our proprietary AI quoting process as a white-label service for themselves,” says Mitchell Eaton, CEO and co-founder of Prototype Hubs. “New data shows that part buyers are sourcing parts differently and have raised their expectations around things such as response times, payment methods and direct manufacturer communication.”

The new Prototype Hubs white-label manufacturing software is an automation tool that provides a digitized end-to-end manufacturing experience that includes automated quoting, automated billing and payments, capturing potential client lead information and many more benefits. The company offers this SaaS tool to allow manufacturers to utilize self-hosted white-label quoting software and offer their manufacturing services to a global network of customers through the Prototype Hubs platform.


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