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See New Sinker Technology at MC Machinery Systems’ EDM/Milling Open House

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MC Machinery Systems will be hosting an EDM and milling open house September 26, 2019 at its Elk Grove Village, Illinois headquarters.


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From 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. September 26, visitors to MC Machinery Systems’ EDM and milling open house will have the opportunity to take a tour of the showroom, check out capabilities and demonstrations of different EDM and milling machines and attend live technical/educational seminars hosted by industry insiders.

Machines featured at this event include the new SV12P sinker EDM and MV4800 M800 wire EDM, as well as the EA8PS sinker EDM, EA12S sinker EDM, EA12PS sinker EDM, Eagle 800 sinker EDM, MX600 wire EDM, MV1200R M800 wire EDM, MV1200S M800 wire EDM, MV2400R M800 wire EDM, MV2400S M800 wire EDM, Roku-Roku Android II ultra-precision micro fine machining mill, HC-658II high-speed mill, OPS Ingersoll V9 high-speed mill, DM800G mill, TV500 mill and DV1000 mill.

Presentation topics include:

  • Five-Axis Manufacturing
  • Sinker EDM Technology and the New G5
  • Hard Milling Tips and Tricks
  • Taking Advantage of  Advances in Sinker EDM Technology and the New SV12P
  • Hard Milling: New Approaches for Better Results
  • Remote360 and the Digitaliztion of EDM – Remote Monitoring and Beyond
  • Selecting the Proper Wire EDM Technology

Register for the event here.


  • Installing That First EDM

    This shop did it right. Their experiences provide useful guidelines for successfully installing a wire machine in a shop new to EDM.

  • Exploring Niches With New EDM Technologies

    A shop specializing in wire EDM for large mold components now offers EDM “turning” of small, intricate parts. Despite the potential risks involved in early adoption of new technologies, the shop believes this practice gives it a leg-up on the competition and lets it gain experience with alternative machining techniques before offering them to customers.

  • Wire EDM with a Twist

    Wire EDM units that swivel a horizontally guided electrode wire in a CNC-controlled E axis give this shop the workpiece clearance and flexibility to produce complex, high-precision PCD-tipped cutting tools.