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SmartCAMcnc Announces Licensing Agreement with ModuleWorks

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Under the agreement, ModuleWorks simulation software will be integrated into SmartCAM v2017 applications.


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SmartCAMcnc, developer of the SmartCAM software suite for CNC programming, has made a licensing agreement with ModuleWorks for the integration of the latter’s simulation technology module into the former’s CAM software products, specifically SmartCAM v2017.

With the agreement, ModuleWorks’ stock removal, error detection, toolpath analysis and backplotting technology replaces SmartCAM’s current verification tools.

“Our milling and turning customers will immediately benefit from the new, integrated ModuleWorks material removal verification engine, which offers seamless dynamic viewing in the main graphics window, along with simultaneous toolpath display,” says Doug Oliver, SmartCAMcnc’s senior product manager.


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