SST Collaborating with SmalTec to Distribute Micromachining EDMs

SmalTec’s EM203 and GM703 EDMs are intended to enable high-volume production floors to perform high-quality micromachining.

Single Source Technologies (SST; Auburn Hills, Michigan), a global distributor of machine tool and consumable brands, has announced its collaboration with SmalTec International to bring the EM203 and GM703 micro-precision EDMs to SST’s West, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Based in the Chicago area, SmalTec is a micromachine manufacturer of high- and ultra-high-precision equipment and provider of comprehensive, turnkey solutions.

“This complementary partnership signifies our commitment to offer a range of solutions specifically for extreme precision in micro-size components,” says Mark Logan, SST’s director of Business Development. “We recognize that many manufacturers consider micromachining to be difficult, if not impossible, to manufacture commercially. For that reason, we are pleased to bring technologies that deliver on accuracy and surface finish requirements to these customers through our partnership with SmalTec.”

SmalTec’s EM203 and GM703 micromachines combine high-precision CNC technology with highly adaptive EDM sensing and machining. These models create complex 3D designs using a 0.30-micron spark size at a 5-nanosecond frequency, the industry’s smallest and fastest spark size. Tolerances are held within 10 nanometers, promoting high surface quality and feature size capabilities.

“Working with SST will enhance our market penetration into high-volume production customers and allow us to better serve manufacturers across industries including medical, aerospace, semiconductor, optics and automotive,” says Jerry Mraz, SmalTec’s general manager and owner. “We are thrilled to broaden our capabilities and offerings as well as our reach.”