Stratasys Software Links 3D Printing and Enterprise Software

Stratasys is developing two SDKs through its subsidiary GrabCAD to integrate its 3D printers with enterprise software applications.


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Stratasys Ltd. will integrate its 3D printers with the factory floor via GrabCAD Software Development Kits (SDK), which include code and interfaces to connect Stratasys FDM 3D printers with enterprise software applications. The program gives customers the power to integrate, manage and support additive manufacturing for production of end-use parts. Initial partners for the GrabCAD SDK program include Link3D and Identify3D.

While Stratasys has previously introduced support for MTConnect, that standard does not support sending and receiving printer commands or remote monitoring.

“At the heart of IIoT is data and connectivity,” says Greg Gorbach, vice president of digitization and IoT at ARC Advisory Group. “For 3D printing to achieve its full potential on the shop floor, companies need an easy, secure, scalable way for additive manufacturing systems to integrate into Industry 4.0 initiatives in production environments.”

Improved API connectivity could revolutionize supply chains, such as by enabling airlines to 3D print spare parts anywhere in the world with license keys from aerospace company OEMs. In an in-house example, cloud-based workflow software helped Stratasys’ COVID Coalition produce 250,000 face shields across more than 100 coalition partners in 2020.

“Additive manufacturing enables almost anything to be manufactured almost anywhere quickly, and that is the kind of agility our customers need in a world of supply chain disruption,” says Dick Anderson, senior vice president for manufacturing at Stratasys.

The first two available SDK packages integrate GrabCAD Print software with Stratasys manufacturing systems including the F900, Fortus 450mc and F123 Series of FDM 3D printers.

GrabCAD’s printer connectivity package integrates Stratasys printers with enterprise applications such as ERP, PLM, digital rights management and MES systems to enable automation and production data collection and analytics.

The PLM package integrates GrabCAD Print with PLM vaulting and file management to streamline the job programming workflow.